Melanoma New Zealand Research Directors

Dr Edward Watson trained as a medical doctor and has worked in clinical trials and the pharmaceutical and biotech companies for over ten years.

In 2003 Edward was diagnosed with melanoma. Even though he had extensive surgery and radiotherapy the melanoma spread. In June 2004 after the discovery of widespread metastases and that he had Stage IV melanoma From July 2004 Edward was able to participate in a clinical trial program at UCLA in Los Angeles for a novel kind of therapy termed a CTLA4 inhibitor developed by Pfizer called tremelimumab. After two years on treatment Edward was considered to have complete remission. He is fit and healthy and leads an active life with his family in Auckland.

Edward has no doubt that being on a clinical trial saved his life. He is passionate that other New Zealanders do not have to travel so far to be part of clinical trials. He believes that for late stage cancer clinical trials are part of the treatment paradigm and should be an available option for all cancer patients who find themselves in the situation he did.

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Gabby has worked in the health and tertiary education sectors for over 30 years. Initially qualifying as a Pharmacist in NZ she has held roles at a senior level in both public and private organisations in New Zealand and the UK. Her recent experience includes Principle Pharmacist for South East Coast Strategic Health Authority and as a senior clinical lecturer at Kent University. Since returning to New Zealand in 2008 Gabby has worked in Health Care NGO's. Gabby is currently the CEO of TerraNova Homes and Care.