The Melanoma New Zealand  website provides a wealth of information about melanoma for patients and their families. We have an Educator to help support melanoma sufferers across New Zealand and can often answer the questions that arise following a hospital consultation by explaining medical terms etc. She can be contacted by telephone, via email or the website or of course if you are in Auckland, in person

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry is a registry of melanoma trials in Australia and New Zealand. Click on the trial search tab and then advanced search. Adding melanoma in search terms and recruiting in the recruiting status will narrow your search down and only show you trials that are open to recruitment.

Australia and New Zealand Melanoma Trials  coordinates and conducts quality research for melanoma control with researchers and health care professionals, support networks and consumers.

Clinical includes information about melanoma clinical trials. This link opens to results for melanoma trials that are open. If you wish to just see those for New Zealand, click on modify search and enter New Zealand in the first country field.

The MelNet website  is a source for news of melanoma research and developments relevant to New Zealand provided for medical professionals. It links abstracts and evidence-based stories from New Zealand and around the world.